Modern days have changed Production duties dramatically. Print production which was once ruling has undergone transformation into Print & Electronic Production medium with the advent of Electronic Industry.

There was a time when Print Production was not only a vital component of the advertising agency . Print producers, or print production managers, or print production buyers as they may have been known as, were a tough breed. Originally populated by men (which was not unusual in the ad industry at the time), Print Production Departments had a definite hierarchy.

This was back in the time of hot lead type, and paste up boards, and rubylith. How those AD concepts became a printed ad in the newspaper was still a mystery to many of those working in the agency.

Technology has changed. Typesetters? Film houses? Gone. Stat camera operators and paste up artists. Lost. Not needed. The intro of the Mac to our industry has simplified the process to the point that “the mystery” is gone. Typesetting, corrections, retouching, image swapping, output…it all seems that it can be done “onscreen” by a single operator.

Thanks to Late Steve Jobs for revolutionizing a concept called Type Faces.

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